About Custom Fields

The Custom Fields extension lets you add/create custom fields that you can use in your content type. So, apart from using the default fields such as “Single-line textbox,” “Rich Text Editor,” and so on, you can integrate with hundreds of business applications, such as “Marketo Forms,” “Optimizely," "Brightcove,” and so, by adding them as custom fields to your Contentstack content type.

There are two ways to add custom fields to your content types:

  • Create new custom fields - Create your own custom fields by writing your custom code and use it in your content types
  • Use prebuilt templates - Use the prebuilt templates by modifying the given code to suit your requirements. Contentstack provides certain basic pre-built custom fields such as color picker, code editor, video selector, and more. 

The following video demonstrates the steps to create a new custom field.

How the Group Field Works.png

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