What is a Repeat Path?

Automation Hub has introduced the Repeat Path feature that allows you to repeat actions or steps through a specified source or based on the count. It acts as a loop that iterates and performs the steps mentioned inside it multiple times.

Suppose you want to create five different entries in Contentstack based on bulk data or an array(list) of data you received from an action or a trigger. You can use the Repeat Path configuration to specify the number of times you want to create the entry or select the data source so the repeat path can iterate or loop based on the number of items in the array (list).

When to use Repeat Path?

The Repeat Path feature in the automation software allows you to automate repetitive tasks, especially when dealing with bulk data. It helps to automate a sequence of actions by iterating it multiple times to perform various operations on a chunk of data.

Repeat Path eliminates the risk of human error by automating repetitive data processing consistently and accurately.

Some points to remember:

  1. The default limit for executing Repeat Path is 100. Although, it can be increased by customizing your plan key. Please contact the support team to customize your plan.
  2. Based on the plan limit, if the repeat count exceeds, the automation fails. You can view the details in the Execution Log section.
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