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The Entry Presence feature lets you know which stack collaborators are currently working on or viewing the entry that you have opened.

When you open an entry, you will see the initials of the users who are currently on that entry page. Hovering over the initials will display the full name of the collaborator.

Know which users are currently working on an entry

In the following screenshot, you can see the initials of the active (in green) and idle (in yellow) users on top, beside the ‘Languages’ selector. You will also be able to see the Workflow details of the entry under the ‘Status’ tab.

1 - Entry presence with Workflow.png

The complete details of the entry can be found under the ‘Entry Information’ tab:

2 - Entry presence without Workflow.png

Know which field the user is currently making changes to

If you see an active collaborator’s initials beside a particular field, it means that the user is currently editing that field.

3 - Entry presence with Workflow2.png

While you can see the list and entry location of the online collaborators in real-time, you can’t see the changes that they are making to a field or the entry, until they save the entry.

Get notified in real time when collaborators create new versions of the entry

When a collaborator creates a new version of the entry by saving the changes, the other active members get a notification that a new version of this entry has been created.

4 - Entry presence changes.png

When any online collaborator (let say A) creates a new version (version 3), the version that you are currently viewing or working on (version 2) becomes an older version. If you make changes to this older version and save it, it will become the latest version (version 4), overriding all the changes made by collaborator A in version 3. It is therefore not recommended to make changes to an entry that has multiple collaborators currently editing it.

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