About Bulk Operations on Search Results

You can perform bulk operations in Contentstack on the results of both Basic as well as Advanced searches. Content managers can mark multiple items from the results and either “publish,” “unpublish” or “delete” them, or ‘change workflow details” of the entries in bulk.

With the addition of these bulk operations to the Search functionality, you can quickly find content using search and instantly take action on the result items.

For example, you want to delete all the entries that contain the “Laptop” term. In this case, you can search the word “Laptop” using our Basic/Advanced search. Then, from the search results, you can select the entries, and click the Delete option to delete those entries at once.

Additional Resources: To learn how to perform bulk operations using the Content Management API (CMA), refer to the Bulk Operations section.

Let’s understand how the different bulk operations work with Contentstack’s Search functionality by reading more documentation in our “More Articles” section

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