Clone a Release

Since deployed Releases are “locked” (i.e., you cannot make any changes to Release items), the only way to reuse existing deployed Releases are to clone them.

Cloning a Release means creating a copy of an existing Release along with all the items within it. After cloning a Release, you can make the necessary changes to its items, and then use the updated Release.

To clone a Release, login to your Contentstack account, and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your stack, click on the “Releases” icon on the left navigation panel. This opens the Releases page where you can see a list of all the existing Releases. You can also use the shortcut key “alt + R” for Windows OS users, and “option + R” for Mac OS users to access Releases.
  2. Hover over the release you want to clone, click on the “Copy” icon that appears on the floating modal.copy-new.png

  3. In the Clone Release window, provide a suitable Name (mandatory) and Description (optional) for the Release, and click Save.click-copy-new.png

API Reference

To clone a release via API, refer to the Clone a Release API request.

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