Update Entry Workflow Details in Bulk

You can update the workflow details such as stage, assignee, due date, and comments of multiple entries at once. For example, you can move all the entries assigned to the “Ready for Review” stage to the “Review Complete” stage at once.

To change the workflow details of multiple entries at once, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the entries list page.
  2. Select the entries where you need to make changes to the Workflow Stage of the entry. Then, click the Change Workflow Details link that appears on the top, as shown in the image below:


    Additional Resource: Read more about how Contentstack’s Search functionality also supports changing workflow details of entries in bulk.

  3. On the Edit Workflow Settings screen:
    1. Under Set Workflow Stage, select the stage that you want to set for this entry.
    2. Set a Due Date for this new stage by using the date picker tool.
    3. To assign this stage to a user, click on the User(s) field under Assign to, and select the user(s) from the list.

      Tip: As soon as an entry stage is assigned to a user, it is added as a new task in the Tasks section of the assignee. Read more about Tasks.

    4. If you can see a Role(s) field, you can assign the stage to a role.
    5. Choose to send a notification email to the assignee by selecting the Notify via email field.
    6. Add any comments in the Add Comment field.update_workflow_1_no_highlight.png
  4. Click on Update Workflow to change the workflow details of the selected entries.

Note: You can change the workflow stage of multiple entries only if all the entries have been assigned the same workflow stage and are associated with the same workflow.

Limitations for Updating Workflow Details in Bulk

The limitations for updating workflow details in bulk are as follows:

  • You can change the workflow stage of only 10 entries at a time, provided that these entries belong to the same workflow and have the same workflow stage.
  • You can change the workflow stage of selected 10 entries to a common workflow stage only. For example, you can move entries assigned with the entry stage “Ready for Review” to the “Complete” stage at a time.

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