Relink a Discussion

Some discussions are unlinked from their fields due to recent changes to the content type or the entry. This usually happens under the following scenarios:

  • Mark fields as multiple and vice versa: Fields such as “Group,” “Modular Blocks,” or “Global” are constituted by grouping multiple fields together. You can create discussions for each of their subfields. However, when you mark the parent field as “Multiple”, the discussion fails to recognize which subfield it was linked to. The same occurs when you revert a parent field set as “Multiple” to “Single.”

    Note: You can only add comments to the primitive subfields present inside “Group”, “Modular Blocks”, or “Global”, such as “Boolean”, “Select”, “Link”, “Single Line Textbox”, “Multiline Textbox”, and so on.

  • Metadata not provided via API: You need to pass the _metadata parameter in the API request to identify each instance of a field marked as “Multiple”. When you do not pass the _metadata parameter, the discussion fails to recognize the field instance that it was linked to.

When a discussion is unlinked from a field, it moves to the “Active” section in the right-hand panel. The discussion continues to appear in the Unlinked state.

To relink such discussions to a field of your choice, log in to Contentstack and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your stack, and edit an existing entry.
  2. Go to the “Discussions tab. You will be able to view the Active section by default.
  3. Go to the unlinked discussion and click on ReLink.Relink_a_Discussion
  4. A popup titled Relink Field With appears with a list of alternative fields from which you can select one to link this discussion to.

    Note: You cannot relink a discussion to a field that has an active discussion.

  5. Once done, click on Confirm.

Once you relink the comments to a field, the discussion becomes active and appears in the field view on the entry page.

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