Import an Entry

Contentstack allows you to import the data of existing entries. You can either create a new entry and import content, or you can edit an entry and replace the existing content by importing content.

To import content for a new entry, log in to your Contentstack account, go to your stack and perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the “Entries” icon on the left navigation panel. You can also use the shortcut key “E”(for both Windows OS and Mac OS users) to access entries.
  2. Click on + New Entry, select the required content type, and click Proceed.

  3. Click on the ellipses at the bottom of the page and select Import.

  4. Select the appropriate JSON file that you want to import.

    Note: While importing, ensure that you have chosen the correct locale to import the file as a localized entry.

To import content for an existing entry (create a new version of the entry), edit the required entry and click Import from the ellipses located at the bottom of the page to upload the JSON file with the new content.


  • Once you import an entry, the content of the existing entry will be replaced with the new content available in the JSON file.
  • The import event will fail if the file you import contains references to other entries or assets outside the stack or is formatted incorrectly. In case there are references within your entry, import the references first.
  • To check the format/schema of your entry, refer to the Schema of JSON RTE and JSON Schema of fields documentations.

API Reference

To import an entry via API, refer to the Import an entry API request.

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