Bulk Publish Localized Entry Versions

You can send multiple localized and unlocalized versions of an entry for publishing from the publishing modal of the master language.

Note: This feature is available only if it is part of your plan. To avail of this feature, you can contact our Support team.

To publish all the language variants of an entry at once, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the entry that you want to publish.
  2. Select the language using the language selector option located on the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click on Publish.
  4. On the Publish Entries popup that appears, select the environment(s) and the language(s) to which you want to publish the selected entry.Bulk_Publish_Localized_Entry_Versions_1_highlighted.png

    Note: While publishing multiple localized and unlocalized versions of a single entry, you can select a maximum of 50 languages and 50 environments.

  5. Click on Publish to publish the entries.

    Note: When you publish in multiple languages, the latest version of the localized entry will be published.

  6. On the Publish Reference(s) screen, choose to publish the entry with or without publishing all the referred entries/assets.Bulk_Publish_Localized_Entry_Versions_2_highlighted.jpg

  7. Click on Publish With References.

It is recommended that you always publish the entry along with its references. If you publish the entry without publishing the references, the referred items will not be displayed in the published entry on the specified environment.

Limitations for publishing localized entry versions in bulk

There are certain limitations that we have applied to the option to publish localized entry versions in bulk. Let us understand what they are:

  • At a time, you can publish 10 localized entry versions in 10 languages and on 10 environments.

The aforementioned limit is configurable depending on your plan. For more information, contact our Support team.

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