Single Line Textbox

The Single Line Textbox field enables users to type in single-line arbitrary text. When you add this field in content type, you will see a single-line textbox on the entry page to enter plain text only, for example, a name or an address line.

Note: This field does not provide any formatting options and line breaks.

This field possesses certain properties that you can change at any time as per your needs. The properties that can be modified are “Display Name,” “Unique ID,” “Placeholder Value,” “Instruction Value,” “Help Text,” “Number of Characters,” “Validation (Regex),” “Validation Error Message,” “Default Value,” “Mandatory,” “Multiple,” and “Non-localizable.”

Additional Resource: Read more about Field Visibility Rules in our documentation where we have covered them extensively.

After adding this field in content type, you will see it on your entry page as shown below:

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