The File field enables users to upload and use files in an entry. When you add this field in content type, it shows the following options:

  • Choose from uploads: Lets you select an existing file(s) stored under ASSETS
  • Upload new file: Lets you upload any file from your local system

This field possesses certain properties that you can change any time as per your requirements. The properties that can be modified are “Display Name,” “Unique ID,” “Instruction Value,” “Help Text,” “Mandatory,” “Multiple,” “Allow images only,” “Non-localizable,” “Allowed file type(s),” and “File size limit (MB).”

Note: If you select “Multiple” property for this field, then at once you can upload only those number of files mentioned in the “Set Maximum Limit” sub-property.

After adding this field in content type, you will see it on your entry page as shown below:


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