About Labels

Labels are similar to folders that allow increased flexibility over your Content Types. Labels allow you to categorize and organize the existing content types of your stack.

Note: You can create different sets of labels for different branches of your stack. This means that labels you create within the development branch can be applied only to content types within the development branch. Refer to our Branch-specific Modules document for more information.

You can create and apply labels to one or more content types for grouping them together for easy access. Thus, labels provide a convenient way of classifying content types based on certain criteria.

For example, you have multiple content types for different teams such as “Marketing,” “Writers,” and “Developers” in your stack. If you want to organize these content types into groups/folders, create three labels namely “marketing,” “writers,” and “developers,” and apply these labels to the content types of each respective team.

You can browse through the following topics, mentioned in the “More Articles” section, to learn how you can create a label and which actions you can perform on a label.

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