Change Organization Role of Existing Users | Classic

You can update the Organization role of an existing user. Along with that, you can also update the Stack-level permissions for a user.

To change Organization role of a user,log in to your Contentstack account and perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the ORGANIZATION dropdown in the header, hover over the Organization that you wish to access, and click on the “Settings” cog..
  2. In the Organization Settings page, click on USERS. This displays the list of Organization users.
  3. Click on the user whose role you want to change. This opens the Update User page.
  4. As per your requirement, change the Organization Role and/or the STACK ROLE of the user.Change Role.png
  5. Click on Update once you are done updating the roles.

API Reference

You can refer the Get all roles in an Organization API request

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