Algolia is a search and discovery platform that allows enterprises to display search results quickly and easily. The following guides will help you integrate Algolia with your Contentstack account:

  • Algolia Marketplace App: The Marketplace platform allows you to use the Algolia application to update the indices when an entry or asset is published/unpublished/deleted in Contentstack.
  • Add New Entries to Algolia’s Search Index: Use this Automation Hub use-case to automate the process of adding new entries to Algolia’s search index whenever a new entry is created in Contenstack.
  • Algolia Connector: The Automation Hub platform offers the Algolia connector to create search index entries within your Algolia account.
  • Algolia Integration with AWS Lambda: With the help of Contentstack webhooks and AWS Lambda functions, add data to Algolia’s search index for your Contentstack-based websites
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