App Visibility Status

App Visibility Status, as the name suggests, defines the visibility of your app in terms of whether it will be private (visible to only you) or public (visible to all).
Let’s look at them in detail.

Private Apps

Private apps are available only within a specific organization and are not visible in the Contentstack Marketplace. Any user with organization owner/admin or stack owner/admin roles can install them.

Note: You cannot install private apps in another organization.

Public Apps

Public apps are available for everyone to install. There are two types of public apps, namely listed public apps and unlisted public apps.

  • Listed Public Apps: These apps are available in the Contentstack Marketplace. Any user with the organization owner/admin role can install the listed public apps.
  • Unlisted Public Apps: Unlisted apps are not available in the Contentstack Marketplace. Unlisted apps are beneficial if the integration starts from the developer's website or for apps like OAuth which need access to multiple regions.

For details on submission and approval of Contentstack Marketplace public apps, please refer to our App Submission and Approval Guide.

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