Field Limitations


Unit of measure


"Title" field and "Display Name" property)

Max character length



Max number of options


Max character length of a single-value option


Max character length of a key-value pair option100 chars for key and 100 chars for value


Max level of nesting in ‘Group’ field

5  (for stack v3.1 and above)

16 (for stack v3, v2)

Max number of fields (including nested fields)

100 (for stack v3.1 and above)

 Modular Blocks

Max number of ‘Modular Blocks’ fields per content type


Max number of fields in a Modular Block

This depends on how many fields you have used in your content type.

The total number of fields (including the number of fields added in a Modular Block field) allowed in a content type is 100.

Max number of Block schema definitions per ‘Modular Blocks’ field


Field Visibility Rules

Max rules allowed per content type


Max conditions allowed in a rule


Max target fields allowed per rule


Field Visibility Rules - Operand Field

Operand field cannot be any of these fields

Note: Operand field can be a subfield of a Group field that’s not marked ‘Multiple’

  • Rich-Text Editor
  • Markdown
  • Link
  • File
  • Group
  • Modular Blocks
  • Any subfield of a Modular Block

Operand field cannot be any of the following

  • Marked as ‘Multiple’
  • Of JSON data type
  • Select field where the Selection Type is set to Multiple Choice

Field Visibility Rules - Target Field

Target field cannot be any of these fields:

  • Subfield of a ‘Modular Block’ field
  • Group field marked as ‘Multiple’

Target field cannot be any of the following:

  • Any field marked as ‘Mandatory’
  • Field set as a target field more than once in a content type
  • Same as the operand field of any rule

Field that has validation applied cannot be used as the target field

  • A date range (a specific start and end date)
  • A max instance (any multiple field)
  • A limit for Multiple Choices (the Select field)
  • Marked as ‘Mandatory’
  • Character length, for example, the blog name with character length between 10 and 20
  • A number range, e.g., 10 to 15
  • Validation through Regular Expression
  • Dimensions (image dimensions, etc) and extensions (.jpeg, .png, etc) applied
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