Scheduler by Automation Hub

You can use the Scheduler by Automation Hub connector to trigger any action at a given time or at specific time intervals.

Set up Scheduler by Automation Hub

Perform the following steps to configure the Scheduler by Automation Hub Connector:

  1. Click Configure Trigger from the left navigation panel.
  2. Within the Configure Trigger step, click the Scheduler by Automation Hub connector.
  3. Under the Choose Trigger tab, select the Scheduler by Automation Hub event. This trigger event lets you schedule a time at which you want your trigger event to be activated.
  4. Next, under Configure Trigger, set the following values:
    • Time Zone: Select a time zone from the dropdown.
    • Unix Cron Format: 0 */6 * * * (this means you want the trigger event to be activated every 6 hours). For examples on Unix Cron format values, check the Crontab guru | Cron Examples page.
  5. Click Proceed.
  6. You can click the Test Trigger button to execute and test the trigger.

  7. On the Test Trigger tab, you can see the details you entered. Click Save and Exit.

Note: After successfully configuring a trigger, if you re-configure any other trigger you will be prompted to revert to the previously configured trigger. You can revert back to the last trigger configurations by clicking the Revert Changes button.

This sets up your Scheduler by Automation Hub trigger.

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