Save Your Searches

Irrespective of the type of search (Basic or Advanced) that you are performing, you can save your search query.

If your work involves performing a particular set of search queries repeatedly, saving your search saves you a lot of time and efforts. Once you save your search, the next time you simply need to apply the saved search to get the desired results, without building the same queries repeatedly.

To save a search, go to the search results page, and perform the following steps:

  1. Click the “Save Search” icon on the right-hand side, adjacent to the search bar, as shown below:image.png
  2. In the modal that appears, click the Save this search linkimage.png
  3. Provide a Suitable name, and click on the tick mark beside the fieldimage.png

This will save your search for future uses.

Note: You can save a maximum of 500 searches.

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