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Contentstack’s Search functionality allows you to look for any assets or entries located within a particular stack. This search function can be used through the search bar located on the header of the Contentstack app.

You can perform two types of searches—Basic and Advanced—depending on your requirements.

  • Basic Search: It is a full-text search that checks for the searched phrase in all the fields of the entries or assets. It provides limited filters and is ideal for a quick search.
  • Advanced Search: It is a field-level search, with the ability to perform combined, complex search queries. It supports ANY (i.e., OR) and ALL (i.e., AND) operators, and is ideal when searching for very specific pieces of content.

For Basic Search, you can just navigate to the search bar in the header tab and quickly type in your search keywords to bring up results. To use Advanced Search functionality, you can click on the Advanced button to bring up the Advanced Search page. Once you land on this page, enter in specific field-related queries to get relevant results.

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