How Search Works

Contentstack’s Search functionality allows you to look for any assets or entries located within a particular stack. This search function (press “K”) can be used through the search bar located on the header of the Contentstack app. 

Note: When working within specific branches, you will view searched content types, entries, assets, etc., only from the branch. For example, if you have a home content type within the development branch, you will search for that content type only in the development branch. Refer to our Branch-specific Modules document for more information.

Types of Search

You can perform three types of searches - Quick search, Search using Filters, and a Conditional search, based on your requirements.

  • Quick Search
    It is a full-text search that checks and fetches the results for the searched phrase in all the fields. You can specify if you are searching for an entry or an asset in particular.
  • Search using Filters
    Using filters allows you to further narrow down your search results and get specific output.
  • Advanced search
    This allows you to use conditional operators ANY(OR) and ALL(AND) to search for specific pieces of content within your stack.
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