Limitations for Nested Reference Publishing

  • Nested Reference Publishing feature is plan-based. Please contact the support team to get this activated for your organization.
  • Entries can now be published with nested references up to a default depth of 5 levels, for both single and bulk publishing, and can vary as per your organization’s plan. 
  • You can select up to 50 environments and locales to which you want to publish content.
  • When bulk publishing entries, you can only select a maximum of 100 parent entries.
  • While bulk publishing entries, you cannot view the nested references of all parent entries within the tree.
  • It is not possible to select specific child entries of a parent entry while publishing.
  • If any or all of the nested referred entries are already published in a specific environment and locale, they will be skipped when publishing the parent entry.
  • If any of the nested referred entries have an error, the other nested entries at lower levels of depth will not be sent for publishing.
  • During multiple bulk publish tasks in an organization, only a maximum of two jobs will be active at any given time across the entire organization.
  • You cannot cancel individual items once a publish job is scheduled. You can only cancel the whole publish job.
  • The nested reference feature is not supported when publishing entries via releases.
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