Restore Updated Content

When you update an existing content type (especially delete a field), there is a possibility of data loss in the entries of the content type. Also, it is not possible to restore the previous versions of the updated content type through the UI.

In such case, an organization admin or owner can contact the Contentstack Customer Support team and make a request to restore the lost content.

Note: Requests to restore content can be approved or submitted by a stack owner/admin or organization owner/admin ONLY.

This guide outlines how you can restore the data lost due to such updates.


When you update or delete one or more fields in the schema of a content type, you may lose the field data present in the entries of that content type. We have created a step-by-step guide on how to restore the lost content.

Content Types

If you have made changes to a content type (such as changes in the UID of the field and deletion of field), you can get the older versions of the content type by using the versioning API.

Perform the following steps to restore prior updates made to a content type:

  1. Try the Get a single content type API Request.
    You can use any third-party REST API clients to run API calls, e.g. Postman.
  2. Within your API request, specify the version parameter to get a previous version of a content type.

This API call will help fetch older versions of an updated content type.

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