Benefits of Live Preview

Let us look at some of the benefits offered by the Live Preview feature.

For Content Managers and Business Users

  • Omnichannel preview experience: Content managers can seamlessly preview content across multiple platforms, such as mobiles, tablets, and desktops. They can also check the responsiveness of their content by changing the aspect ratio, thus, resulting in a truly omnichannel experience.
  • Real-time edits: Content managers can click on the “Edit” icon beside any content block in the Live Preview window to navigate to the corresponding field in the editor. You can edit and watch the changes reflect in real-time.
  • Test website content changes instantly: You can preview content like it would look across the digital platform without the need to publish or save the changes. This means you can test content changes in different sections of the website to see how it fits on a specific webpage.

For Developers

  • Scope for innovation and enhancement: Live Preview is part of the native Contentstack app, rather than an add-on or an extension. This ensures that the feature stays in sync with core development and innovation.
  • Content schema remains intact: The actual content entry remains JSON-structured and developers can keep modeling content as and when required.

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