Node.js Folder Structure

Your contentstack-express main directory should contain the following subfolders:

Folder structure

Folder/File Name Description
content All the published content of your stack is stored here. Since it contains important data, it is highly recommended that you should not edit/delete the contents of this folder.
logs This contains all the log files, including site logs (site access and errors) and sync logs (publish/unpublish events).
config This folder contains all your system configuration files.
themes It houses all the themes that can be used in your application. The ‘theme’ folder further has sub-folders within it.
templates All the pages, layouts, and partials reside here.
public It contains all the static assets like css,js, images, etc.
plugins This section contains extention to the current application in the form of plugins such as redirect-rules, blogs, and static site generator.
app.js This is the file that will run the server on the specified port and environment. Default port is 4000 and default environment is ‘development
package.json This is a node.js package manager file that maintains the application version along with its dependencies.
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