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Note: contentstack-express framework has been deprecated. We will soon stop supporting this framework. Instead, we recommend using DataSync, which is faster and more flexible than the web framework.

Contentstack provides a Node.js web application framework ‘contentstack-express’ for building websites with push-publishing. The framework is designed for developing complex and customized websites quickly. It provides the required tools and options to readily incorporate common features, rather than coding from scratch.


Start creating your first web page using contentstack-express. contentstack-express provides a number of features that will help you to create websites easily.

Learn how to create your first web page

Web Framework Guide

Read through the following topics to understand contentstack-express well.

  • Overview - Learn the basics, features, and working of our web application.
  • Installation - Prerequisites, CLI commands and other steps to install the framework.
  • Folder Structure - Know more about the structure of the folders to be maintained.
  • Configuration - Configure the framework to add settings and customize it your way.
  • Theming - Customize the look and feel of your website with themes.
  • Plugins - Add new features to your website by extending the functionality Contentstack.
  • CLI - Use contentstack-CLI (our own command line utility) to perform basic steps.
  • Upgrades - Know more about how to upgrade your framework.

Advanced topics

Browse through some of the advanced topics:

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