About Web Framework

Warning: contentstack-express framework has been deprecated. We will soon stop supporting this framework. Instead, we recommend using DataSync, which is faster and more flexible than the web framework.

Contentstack provides you with a Node.js web application framework “contentstack-express” for building websites with push-publishing. This framework enables you to develop complex and customized websites quickly.

contentstack-express framework, also known as the Web Framework, provides you with the required tools and options to readily incorporate common features, rather than coding from scratch.

To get started with its implementation, we recommend you to go through its Quickstart guide that covers every single step, from creating a stack to publishing content. Also, you can learn more about Web framework by going through the articles mentioned in the Web Framework Deep Dive section. Further, we provide multiple ways to handle or manage your data with the contentstack-express framework, for which you can refer to the Advanced Topics section in our documentation.

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