Upgrade version v1.0.x/v3.0.x to version v3.1.x

Features of contentstack-express v3.x

  • Support for ‘Releases’ feature is now available [v3.1.9 and above]
  • Applications using SYNC=false and Filesystem as provider/db will now be able to run faster [v3.1.8 and above]
  • Tip : Recommended for applications containing large amount of ‘JSON’ data and ‘references’ in their content type schemas.

  • Support for ‘Modular Blocks’ has been added [v3.1.7 and above]
  • High number of hits on app pages will no longer run the application into ‘Internal Server Errors’ [v3.1.6 and above]
  • App instance is now returned and is now available when create server is called [v3.1.4 and above]
  • Faster content loading/serving - asset references are now resolved while publishing, rather than during runtime [v3.1.1 and above]
  • SYNC=false architecture support added [v3.0.5 and above]
  • Asset management support added [v3.0.1 and above]
  • Default search engine has been changed from ‘swig’ to ‘nunjucks’ [v3.0.0 and above]

Upgrade contentstack-express to v3.1.x

contentstack-express versions running in 1.0.x or 3.0.x will need to perform the following steps to upgrade to v3.1.x:

  1. Install contentstack-cli@3.x using npm install -g contentstack-cli.
  2. Go to your project folder and run npm install -s contentstack-express@3.1.x.
  3. Create a backup of the _content folder and then delete it before proceeding further.
  4. Set the environment on which you wish to sync the content, for example, $ export NODE_ENV=production (Linux distros) OR $ set NODE_ENV=production (Windows).
  5. Note : The environment variable used here is used to determine which configuration file to pick from when contentstack process is run.

  6. Use the contentstack sync command to get all the data from Contentstack.

Warning : The latest version of the framework can be used only with V3 stacks. If you are still using V2 stacks, you need to first upgrade your stacks to V3 before upgrading the framework. To upgrade your stacks from V2 to V3, please send an email to our support team at support@contentstack.com.

Also, while moving from v1.0.x to v3.x.x, the default contentstack-express templating has been changed from ‘swig’ to ‘nunjucks’.

Release Notes

You can check out the release notes here.

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