About SCIM

SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) is a secure protocol that enables automatic user provisioning. It eases the process of managing user identity data between an identity provider (such as OneLogin) and service providers (such as Contentstack).

Contentstack’s SCIM integration, currently in Beta, allows you to manage users of your Contentstack organization via your IdP (Identity Provider) such as OneLogin. So, whenever new users are added or removed from your IdP, they are automatically added or removed from the Contentstack organization, respectively.

Note: Only the Organization owner and Organization admin(s) have the right to use set up SCIM.

Setting up SCIM requires configuring it from your Contentstack organization’s settings. Here’s a detailed guide that outlines how you can set up SCIM with OneLogin as your IdP.

We also provide SCIM APIs so you can manage user provisioning with custom IdP clients or to manage provisioning programmatically.

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