Installing Apps

Go to Discover > Explore > Apps to see the full list of Contentstack Marketplace apps.

Types of Apps

There are two types of Marketplace apps - Stack Apps and Organization Apps

Stack Apps

Stack Apps refer to apps that can be installed for any specific stack, and the scope is limited only to that stack.
This type of apps can be installed only by the owners/ admins of the stack or by the owners/ admins of the corresponding organization.
The organization owners/ admins need to be part of the stack.

Organization Apps

Organization Apps on the other hand, have a broader scope, and the changes are applicable throughout the organization.
A good example is the SCIM app that allows automatic user provisioning for all new users of the organization.
This type of app can be installed by only the owners/ admins of the corresponding organization.

When you click on any of the app cards, you can see the details such as the Overview of the app, Screenshots of the app in use, Use Cases, and Installed On (app details like where the app is installed, by whom it was installed, installation date/ time, etc.)

Let’s look at the steps to install an app.

Installing an App

  1. Click on any app card to go to the app’s information page.
  2. Click on the Install App button on the right.
  3. In case of a stack app, you are prompted to select the stack in which you want to install the app.
    Select the stack and click Install.

    Note: If you are not a stack admin or owner, you will see a Request Install button instead. Click on the Request Install button to send a request to the stack admin to install the app for you.

  4. You will be redirected to the configuration page to fill in the required information related to the app, to complete the installation process. After adding the details, click on the Save button.
  5. In the case of an organization app, you will be asked to allow access to specific modules of your Contentstack account.
    Click Authorize & Install to proceed.

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