Email is a communication platform that allows teams to communicate with their customers quickly and effectively. Business messages can be sent across the globe instantly and in a formal manner. The following guides will help you integrate any Email account with your Contentstack account:

  • Send Newly Transformed Data via Email: Use this Automation Hub use-case to automate the process of sending transformed data via email by configuring triggers and actions.
  • Email By Automation Hub Connector: The Automation Hub platform offers Email by Automation Hub connector that allows you to automate the process of sending emails across your organization.
  • Mailgun Connector: Automate the process of sending emails via your Mailgun ID by integrating your Mailgun account with Contentstack via Automation Hub.
  • Send Contentstack Content Over Email: Automate the process of sending an email whenever an entry is published with Express.js web application framework.
  • Integrating Contentstack and SendGrid: With the help of Lambda functions and API gateways, create an effective mail management system with SendGrid.

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