Note: This documentation uses the legacy approach with extensions. We have launched Email by Automation Hub as an Automation Hub Connector. For more information on Email by Automation Hub, please refer to the Email by Automation Hub Connector.

Email is a communication platform that allows teams to communicate with their customers quickly and effectively. Business messages can be sent across the globe instantly and in a formal manner. The following guides will help you integrate any Email account with your Contentstack account:

  • Send Newly Transformed Data via Email: Use this Automation Hub use-case to automate the process of sending transformed data via email by configuring triggers and actions.
  • Email By Automation Hub Connector: The Automation Hub platform offers Email by Automation Hub connector that allows you to automate the process of sending emails across your organization.
  • Mailgun Connector: Automate the process of sending emails via your Mailgun ID by integrating your Mailgun account with Contentstack via Automation Hub.
  • Send Contentstack Content Over Email: Automate the process of sending an email whenever an entry is published with Express.js web application framework.
  • Integrating Contentstack and SendGrid: With the help of Lambda functions and API gateways, create an effective mail management system with SendGrid.
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