Why Management Tokens

Here are some scenarios where Management tokens can be useful.

Useful for SSO users
Since the users of SSO-enabled organizations login via an identity provider (IdP), they don’t get an Authtoken to make authorized CMA requests. A workaround is to disable SSO Strict Mode, and login using traditional Contentstack login mechanism. Management Token solves this problem. SSO users can now use Management Tokens to make authorized CMA requests, without logging in through traditional method.

Run scripts and integrations without using personal tokens
Since management tokens can perform almost all the actions that an Authtoken can do (there are some exceptions though), you can use it in your automation scripts and external integrations. This eliminates the need to share your personal token anywhere.

Risk mitigation
Since Management Tokens can be invalidated anytime, it helps in mitigating risks in scenarios where the token is compromised.

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