Limitations of Sidebar Extensions

The limitations to using Sidebar Extensions are as follows:

  • The maximum size of an Sidebar Extensions file cannot exceed 500 KB
  • The title you provide to an Sidebar Extension cannot exceed 256 characters
  • You can install maximum 50 extensions (including custom fields and Sidebar Extensions) in a stack
  • The size of the configuration file of a Sidebar Extension cannot exceed 10 KB
  • The maximum number of content types that can be added in the scope of a Sidebar Extensions is 20
  • Internally as well externally hosted Sidebar Extensions are not supported on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge as these browsers lack support for the <iframe> srcdoc attribute. Read more.
  • Extensions are loaded in an iframe in sandbox mode for security reason. Hence, the cookies are not exposed. However, as popups are allowed in the current sandbox mode, you can open the popup window and access the cookies or storage in the popup window.

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