Vercel lets you host websites and web services. It lets you connect your GitHub repository and instantly deploy the master/main branch of your project to Vercel domains without any supervision.
The Vercel Action Connector allows you to trigger a deployment in Vercel.

Set up Vercel

Perform the following steps to set up the Vercel action connector:

  1. Click Configure Action Step from the left navigation panel.
  2. Click Action Step to configure third-party services.
  3. Within the Configure Action Step, click the Vercel connector.Vercel-Connector.png
  4. Under Choose an Action tab, select the Trigger Deploy action.
  5. On the Configure Action page, enter the hook URL in the Name field.Vercel-Configure-Action.png
  6. Note: In Vercel, you will find the hook URL in your project’s Project Settings page, under Git > Deploy Hooks. To create a new hook, provide a “name” for your hook and the branch name of your GitHub project, and click Create Hook.

    Additional Resource: For more information, refer to the Vercel - Deploy Hooks documentation.

  7. Click Proceed.
  8. You will see the input values which you have configured in the Configure Action modal.
  9. Check if the details are correct. If yes, click Test Action.
  10. Once set, click Save and Exit.

Note: The PENDING state means that your deployment activity has been queued.

Go to your project’s Deployments page in Vercel. You will see the details of the latest version deployed.

This sets up your Vercel action connector.

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