The CircleCI action connector allows you to configure and integrate the CircleCI services to your project.

CircleCI is a CI/CD delivery platform that provides services to implement DevOps practices. It automates the process of creating the build and deploying the project to CI/CD pipeline.

Set Up CircleCI action Connector

Follow the given instructions to set up the CI/CD action connector:

  1. Click on Configure Action and select the CircleCI action connector.
  2. Click on the Trigger a pipeline action.
  3. Click on + Add New Account.
  4. Enter the Title and API Token. Once done, click on Authorize.
  5. To generate the API Token for your CircleCI account, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to your CircleCI console and click on User Settings.
    2. Click on the Personal API Tokens tab, then click on Create New Token.

      Additional Resource: For more information, refer to the Managing API’s doc.

  6. Click on the VCS type textbox and select the repo type from the drop-down.
  7. Enter details such as Organization name, Repository name, Branch/Tag, and Branch/Tag name in their respective fields. Once done, click on Proceed.
  8. Click on Test Action.
  9. You should see the output as follows. If all looks good, click on Save and Exit to finish the process.

This sets your CircleCI action connector.

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