Understanding Entry Versions

Contentstack allows users to create multiple entry versions of the content. Entry versioning helps users to view, manage and compare content of the required versions.

By default entry versions are identified with numbers, for each new version (upon entry save) created the version is assigned a number (eg. Version 1, Version 2, and so on).

Name Entry Versions

Users can assign suitable names to each version, according to their choice for easy identification. (eg. Production, Development).
Learn in detail how to Name Entry Versions.

Note: A version name has a maximum limit of 32 characters. Currently, there is no cap to version history of an entry. That means you can have many versions of an entry. However, you can consider creating versions that you can manage effectively. 


Rename Entry Versions

Entry versions which are already named can be renamed whenever required.
Learn in detail how to Rename Entry Versions.


Remove Entry Versions Name

Users can easily remove the name assigned to any entry version, the version will be assigned a number by default.
Learn in detail how to Remove Entry Versions Name.


Compare Entry Versions

Contentstack has a provision to allow users to compare any two versions of the entry (side-by-side) on the same screen. The color-code comparison view highlights the differences between the two selected versions.
Learn in detail how to Compare Entry Versions


Restore Old Entry Versions

Contentstack allows you to rollback or restore to any previously saved version of your entry.
Learn in detail how to Restore Old Entry Versions.

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