JavaScript object notation (JSON)

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a lightweight data interchange format commonly used for structuring and transmitting data between a server and a web application or between different components of an application. Its human-readable format and simplicity make it a popular choice for data exchange in web development and other programming contexts.

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In this article, we've given you a simple guide to using JSON in your programs, including how to create and parse JSON, and how to access data locked inside it. In the next article, we'll begin looking at object-oriented JavaScript.


Explore JSON, an open standard file format used for storing and transmitting data in a human-readable text form. Understand its origins, usage, and language-independent nature. Learn about its diverse applications in electronic data interchange and web applications, as well as its creation by Douglas Crockford in the early 2000s

Explore JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a lightweight, language-independent data-interchange format that is easy for both humans and machines to read, write, parse and generate. Discover its foundations on two universal data structures - a collection of name/value pairs and an ordered list of values, making it an ideal data-interchange language for modern programming languages


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