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Brandfolder is a powerful brand management and a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. 


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Brandfolder is a powerful brand management and a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform. With its simple interface and effective features, it has become one of the most trusted DAM solutions in the market. Primarily, Brandfolder provides centralized storage for all your organization's digital assets and makes organizing and sharing assets across multiple platforms easier. With its intelligent in-built search capability, image auto-tagging, and visual thumbnailing, Brandfolder effortlessly offers brand coherence. This makes it easier for organizations to engage with their customers and improve their visual branding. All assets can be shared across multiple platforms by using a single link. Thus, it becomes easier to integrate Brandfolder with other platforms.

Contentstack and Brandfolder Integration Use Cases

Simplified asset management

By integrating Contentstack with Brandfolder, you can easily upload your digital assets with ease. It also makes it possible to organize and distribute assets. The integration allows the Brandfolder portal to open in the entry of your content type and you can choose and insert the assets within your entry page.

Gain better control over all your marketing resources

Contentstack's integration with Brandfolder allows you to manage the entire content lifecycle of your marketing strategy. Contentstack lets you create and manage content and the Brandfolder Custom Field Extension allows you to insert your digital assets in your entry. The integration provides a single solution to manage all your marketing resources inside your CMS.

Simplify sharing and distribution of digital assets

With Brandfolder's integration with Contentstack, your geographically dispersed teams can easily create, share, and distribute content. This makes it possible to execute large-scale marketing campaigns with cross-functional teams.

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