Use Slash Command for Shortcuts in JSON RTE

You can now type in the forward-slash ("/") in your JSON Rich Text Editor to open a list of formatting options you can use to style your content. With these shortcuts, your RTE becomes more flexible, and you can edit at a faster pace.

To use a formatting shortcut, click within the JSON RTE and type in a forward-slash (/). Either scroll and select the option you want from the list that appears or type in the formatting option you need to add.

Note: The drop-down menu disappears if you make a spelling mistake or type in a formatting option that does not exist in the list.


Note: The formatting shortcuts menu does not show up when you type the forward-slash inside a blockquote or code snippet. This is because the forward-slash can have a different purpose inside a code snippet or blockquote.

Here are your choices for the shortcuts within the dropdown list:


  • /paragraph: Adds text in standard paragraph format without any formatting.
  • /h1 to /h6: Adds heading tags that can enhance and highlight titles or subtitles.
  • /blockquote: Adds a quotation block set apart as a separate paragraph from all other content in the JSON RTE.

    Note: To go to the next line within the blockquote, use Shift+Enter, and to exit the blockquote, press Enter.

  • /code: Adds a code block where you can add code snippets. Code can be color styled as per different programming languages.


  • /ordered list: Adds a numbered list that is useful while stipulating steps for a guide.
  • /unordered list: Adds a bulleted list that is suitable to list down a set of points.

More options:

  • /divider: Lets you add a horizontal line that separates paragraphs or sections of content.


  • /left: Let's you align your content to the left.
  • /center: Let's you align your content to the center.
  • /right: Let's you align your content to the right.
  • /justify: Let's you add space between words to align the edges of each line with both margins.

Note: If you want to use the forward-slash as a part of your text, add it and type the necessary content.

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