About Sidebar Extensions

Note: Experience Extensions use the legacy approach with extensions. We recommend using the Sidebar UI Location for the Contentstack App Framework to extend the functionality of your apps.

Custom Sidebar Extensions are powerful functionalities that you can integrate into your stack to analyze your entry content and recommend ideas. These Custom extensions allow users to provide additional capabilities over content, thus optimizing the content to suit their requirements.

Examples of such custom widgets are SEO tag recommendations, sentiment analysis, language translation, and so on.

While Contentstack provides certain prebuilt Sidebar Extensions (Text Intelligence, Gatsby Preview), you can code your own custom extensions and use it in your content types.

Note: Custom Sidebar Extensions are stack-specific, i.e., it cannot be used in or shared across multiple stacks.

Here are some resources to get you started with Custom Widgets:

You can create new custom sidebar extensions by writing your custom code, or you can use the prebuilt templates by modifying the given code to suit your requirements. Both the methods are explained in detail in the above pages.

Additionally, you can browse through the topics mentioned in our “More Articles” section to learn more about Custom Sidebar Extensions.

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