Wavin scales and builds world-class e-commerce capabilities

Wavin, a global infrastructure provider focused on the creation and management of sustainable environments, had been slow to adopt the possibilities around digital transformation. Despite its global website and communication platform, Wavin lacked any e-commerce capabilities.

That all changed during the COVID-19 pandemic when a Wavin facility in the Netherlands that manufactures plastic face masks realized there was massive untapped potential to sell direct to their consumers. As a result, a strategy was developed to create a customer-centric online “web shop”. They chose Contentstack as their headless CMS and adopted a MACH-driven strategy to fully modernize their business.

Since partnering with Contentstack, Wavin accomplished:

  • A 36-country rollout
  • Drastically reduced order processing time
  • Accelerated customer acquisition
  • Gained better insight into market differences and quicker entry into new geographies

In a traditional and risk-averse industry, we made a bold decision to embrace MACH and go beyond the suite approach, trusting the API-interaction to give us the freedom to choose what is needed to build a stack that can grow with Wavin.

Stephanie Devine, Global Product Owner for E-Commerce, Wavin

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