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Trendhim transforms global content delivery and localization with Contentstack

With an e-commerce platform in 25 markets, Trendhim wanted to empower teams to create quick, dynamic, localized campaigns.

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Trendhim, an international retailer of men’s accessories, was previously using a monolithic system to manage their online presence across 25 countries. The website was static for months at a time, and engineers were required for every change. By onboarding Contentstack headless CMS, dynamic content can now be created autonomously by platform teams, with content localized and pushed out on-demand, and campaigns running as often as hourly during peak shopping season.

The challenge

In 2019, Trendhim started moving away from its monolithic Magento architecture and modernizing the way they managed their digital and e-commerce footprint across 25 countries. One of the main issues the retailer was facing was an over-reliance on engineering teams to make every small online change.

“You can change how people behave when you give them autonomy,” said Martin Højberg Christiansen, Chief Technology Officer at Trendhim. “I wanted to be able to give platform teams the power to go in, change what they wanted, configure the content, and create a truly dynamic experience — all on their own, without the need to rely on engineering teams.”

Another driving force was the inability to be efficient across all of its markets, and to customize and localize content between one region and another. With Magento, the website home page displayed the same static content for months at a time, and making changes was a complex task.

The solution

After researching various composable platforms, Contentstack was chosen as the headless CMS that would support Trendhim in creating content experiences on its website and email marketing channels with flexibility and impact. “Contentstack is the master for building the content, and platform teams can use Modular Blocks to move things around easily, create injection points for dynamic content, launch localized campaigns quickly, and sync branding online and off by publishing the right digital assets at the right time,” Christiansen said. Across the resources of the platform and engineering teams combined, Trendhim estimates they save 80% of the time previously spent on campaign set up and handling. 

One example of where these efforts truly paid off is in Trendhim’s Black Friday strategy. The retailer was able to quickly and seamlessly publish and unpublish content to offer limited-time deals as often as hourly, with content tested, previewed, and scheduled ahead of time, all while ensuring cross-department visibility. As soon as Black Friday week was over, the content was switched over to the Christmas-themed campaign, with full continuity. 

Platform teams now have full control over digital content both for web and email, whether that’s running split tests across sites to understand impact and performance, testing layouts, or localizing dynamic content across regions. 

“Most companies, especially large companies, they have a long journey to see the impact of new systems,” Christiansen said. “Headless is a buzzword in many ways, but the beauty of it is in the modeling of the data, and Contentstack gave us a lot of flexibility with that, so we could configure and tool how we wanted, and were able to reuse content easily across the board. One thing I’ve seen with Contentstack is that we have seen value very quickly in terms of data handling and efficient localization. From day one of deployment, we were already experiencing incremental value.”

The results

One of the main benefits of Contentstack is speed to market. As the platform teams are empowered to focus on content, and there’s much less manual work involved getting operations out, we’ve been able to eliminate annoying and tedious workflows altogether. That means we can use our engineering resources to build more stuff, which is far more interesting!

Martin Højberg Christiansen | Chief Technology Officer

Trendhim can now innovate at scale, launching dynamic campaigns across all markets, providing a localized and targeted customer experience for more than 100,000 customers each day. At the back end, the workload is split from the engineering teams, empowering platform teams to take control over the front-end experience. 

Tangible benefits of Contentstack CMS include: 

  • A/B testing: Contentstack has improved the platform team’s ability to complete comprehensive split testing, displaying two versions of digital assets to test the difference in their performance. This allows Trendhim to identify where content performs better, or which content to include in which market.“ Our content teams split test all the time. We can run a lot of split tests at the same time, and that’s one of the processes we’ve improved a lot. They can control content testing 100% themselves”, said Christiansen.
  • A campaign-driven approach: The Trendhim website is now able to provide dynamic campaigns instead of static content. Campaigns can be scheduled, published and pulled with ease to respond to any marketing strategy, whether that’s seasonal, based on a localization opportunity, or otherwise. 
  • Ultimate flexibility: An API-first design means Contentstack can support Trendhim’s complex data model and sophisticated use cases. Trendhim has been able to build tailored tooling for automation, knowing they can continually expand and optimize for success with Contentstack as their foundation. 
  • Reduced developer dependence: The platform team now has full autonomy over changing content across all markets. Previously, engineering teams would always get a new task for campaigns, and now they only receive tasks for new features, a 90% reduction in ongoing tasks that are related to campaigns. Entire weeks go by where the engineers are not engaging with content operations, freeing their time up to focus on higher value tasks, and empowering platform teams to take control. 


Trendhim designs accessories for men and sells them directly to consumers online. The company sells more than 10,000 products to customers in more than 25 countries and across 18 languages. More than 1 million packages are sent yearly, and more than 100,000 people browse the Trendhim website every day. Winners of the Børsen Gazelle 6 years in a row, the company works out of Horsens, Denmark.


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