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The Milligan Foundation increases web traffic by 400% with headless CMS

The Milligan Foundation needed a more flexible and secure CMS to deliver a functional, up-to-date worldwide resource map for domestic violence victims looking for help.

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Tracey Milligan, founder of The Milligan Foundation, had an important meeting with a major automotive company about possible sponsorship. She accessed WordPress to update the foundation's website content because she knew the potential sponsor would be reviewing it. Before making any last-minute changes, Tracey decided to back up the website. She hit the backup button, but instead of backing up the site, it was deleted.

The challenge

Besides losing the website, Milligan was working with a plethora of WordPress plugins that were difficult to navigate and manage. To update content, she had to to toggle between multiple dashboard panels or change files, which quickly became unwieldy.

“Even though WordPress is supposed to be easy to use, with all the plug-ins it felt like I needed a manual on how to use my site,” she said. As the organization grew, Milligan needed a CMS that was easier to manage, and that presented a simple way for a user to update the resources and content without breaking the website.

If I had to make a comparison between the WordPress site and the Contentstack site, it would be that before I was driving a jalopy and now, I'm driving a Rolls Royce.

Tracey Milligan | Executive Director, The Milligan Foundation

The solution

A big appeal in choosing Contentstack as the foundation's CMS was its ability to accommodate a real-time, omnichannel resource map for domestic violence victims seeking help.

Milligan explained that when a person is in a domestic violence situation and is forced to look for help, all the police have is a folding business card that may have half a dozen 1-800 numbers on it for local resources. There are not nearly enough shelters and beds.

“Nine times out of 10, when you get that card and you start calling those numbers you don't find any help. Everything is full, and if you try and find a shelter using Google, you need to click through each shelter and email them one by one,” she said.

Now, victims can go to The Milligan Foundation resource map and find help anywhere in the world. The organization's information, email addresses and phone numbers are all in one place. Everything is linked so that you can send emails directly from the page.

Twilio, a key sponsor, is a service that provides the ability to make and receive phone calls, as well as send and receive text messages. Using Twilio’s integrated service, the site offers embedded 1-800 numbers that make it possible to call for free to get help without ever having to leave the site.

The map that is hosted by Contentstack is the only interactive global map for violence resources on the Internet.

Tracey Milligan | Executive Director, The Milligan Foundation

The results

  • 400% spike in web traffic upon implementation
  • 50% faster publishing
  • No more complexity or fear of losing data


The Milligan Foundation is a nationally available resource for domestic violence victims in need of transportation and relocation services. The foundation provides direct assistance to victims through the purchase of bus, train, airline tickets and point-to-point secure escort. The Milligan Foundation provides the location and contact information of resources for domestic violence victims through the only interactive global map of its kind on the internet.



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