The Milligan Foundation Delivers Realtime Content with Headless CMS

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Prior to Contentstack, The Milligan Foundation was working with a plethora of WordPress plugins. Because different companies make these plug-ins, each one works differently – some have dashboards, some don’t. To customize their website, Tracey Milligan would have to toggle between multiple dashboard panels or change files, which quickly became unwieldy. “Even though WordPress is supposed to be easy to use, with all the plug-ins it felt like I needed a manual on how to use my site.” The ultimate goal for The Milligan Foundation was to have a stable site that was easy to manage, and that presents a way for a person to find the resources that they need to be safe from domestic violence quickly and efficiently.

Since migrating to Contentstack's web content management system, The Milligan Foundation achieved the following goals:

  • Realtime resource map to help domestic violence victims find help expediently anywhere in the world.
  • The ability to pool external resource information, email addresses, and phone numbers all in one place, making it easier for users to get help without ever having to leave the site.
  • Stable site that is easy to manage and requires minimal technical administration.

Download a copy of this case study to learn more about how The Milligan Foundation non-profit tackles their CMS challenges and how a headless CMS solution has helped their organization meet their needs.

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