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Taxfix streamlines content development and improves customer experience with Contentstack

Taxfix adopted a headless CMS to build customer loyalty, scale content production and improve the security and efficiency of digital experiences.

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Taxfix was looking for a solution to replace WordPress and Elementor, which required extensive manual effort, resulting in disconnected content management and a lagging customer experience. By adopting Contentstack’s headless CMS, Taxfix now has a scalable content experience and can create and update content in a fraction of the time. As a key measure of their success, Taxfix has improved page load times by 30%, dramatically improving the digital customer experience. 

The challenge

Taxfix offers an intuitive solution that supports users in filing tax returns quickly and paperlessly from anywhere, via app or browser. In its early days as a small start-up, Taxfix originally used WordPress as its CMS, along with Elementor, but has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and quickly realized that its tech stack needed to modernize to ensure continued growth and success. 

“On WordPress, it was pure chaos!” Jana Teuber, Product Manager, Marketing Technology, Taxfix, said. “We had many different freelance engineers working on that system, and it was very slow in terms of page speed. On top of that, as a financial company we rely a lot on regulatory laws and financial laws, things are changing all the time, so content needs to be updated regularly.

With our previous CMS, it took weeks to make even a small update. We knew something needed to change.

Jana Teuber | Product Manager

As well as streamlining content management and improving website speed, another driver for modernizing its tech stack was security. The business wanted to ensure a stable environment to safeguard its brand reputation and build customer loyalty. 

The solution

After researching multiple CMS solutions, Contenstack’s headless CMS was chosen to power content across two main locales, Germany and Spain. With Contentstack’s Localization tools, Germany’s website content is created, updated and managed on Contentstack in both German and English. Across these sites, Contentstack manages three types of pages: informational content on the blog, landing pages linked to the core product, and product pages to empower users with critical tax resources. 

“We work with a lot of variables — more than 300,” Teuber said. “It’s very complex, but now with Contentstack it’s way easier to keep all the content up to date. ”

Streamlined content creation tools such as Global Fields and Modular Blocks mean that Taxfix can now update content quickly, empowering digital teams with the autonomy to move faster. “We can use the same logic, we have all the components, the structure, the headers, it’s all way more scalable,” Teuber said. “I remember the designers were a little skeptical at the beginning, but now they are huge fans! In our previous system landing page creation was very manual, so it was easy for content managers to break things. Now it’s way faster and very stable. This consistency that Contentstack brings is one of the biggest benefits.” 

The results

The ability to independently create and maintain pages without engineering support has been a real win. We can now create and duplicate pages incredibly fast, and we’ve streamlined the whole process of content management for our teams. We’ve even onboarded teams who aren’t content managers. Like Legal for example, they update their own pages, we don’t have to maintain that anymore.

Jana Teuber | Product Manager

Since adopting Contentstack, Taxfix has increased efficiency, upgraded security, streamlined content management, and can swiftly expand into new markets. What’s next? Taxfix looks forward to adopting Contentstack’s new Taxonomy feature to support better content categorization, and move towards the creation of a content Center of Excellence. 

Taxfix’s key wins with Contentstack include:

  • Zero downtime: Since migrating from WordPress, Taxfix has had 100% uptime, critical in today’s financial services industry. 
  • 30% increase in page load times: Website speed is crucial to maintaining a strong customer experience. Taxfix has seen page load times improve by 30%.  
  • Unparalleled content creation: Updates can now be completed in minutes rather than weeks, giving digital and legal teams complete autonomy. 


Taxfix is based on the simple idea that doing taxes should be easier, and that everyone should be able to take their finances into their own hands. Since its exciting journey began in 2016, Taxfix has achieved remarkable milestones, raising over 300 million euros in funding and helping valued customers reclaim more than 3.5 billion euros.


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