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Sky Italy delivers next-level omnichannel digital experiences with Contentstack

By adopting a headless CMS, Sky Italy drives customer acquisition through their dynamic content strategy.

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Sky Italy was maintaining its legacy website with HTML, and was frustrated by the lack of creative freedom and the time it took to launch new pages. By adopting Contentstack’s headless CMS to power its content, including e-commerce functionality, Sky Italy reacts to daily trends and rapidly makes changes to both website and mobile content, without relying on a development team. Today, with composable architecture enabling continuous optimization, 80% of visitors and 70% of sales arrive via mobile.

The challenge

Before adopting composable architecture, Sky Italy was looking to modernize its infrastructure to enable digital growth, and gain revenues from encouraging a greater number of direct subscriptions and sales through their website and mobile experience. 

“Previously, all of the pages of our website were managed with HTML code, and this was frustrating and time consuming to manage,” Lorenzo Bellucco, Head of Digital, said. “We needed to find a way to make it faster, both the actual experience on the website, and content creation behind the scenes.”

Sky Italy’s previous solution was also reliant on heavy development resources, which stunted the agility and creativity of their digital teams. “We wanted to improve the flexibility of how pages and content were created,” Luca Mariotti, Technical Lead, said.

The solution

Sky Italy chose Contentstack as a single vendor to power its website content, including their e-commerce functionality. As part of its digital transformation, the business now has a single, streamlined repository for content across both web and mobile. 

The benefits for Sky Italy were instantaneous, and technical teams quickly felt empowered with more efficiency and control. “Immediately, we’ve been able to work in a more modular way, using components between our websites, or between mobile and web, and taking advantage of features such as Modular Blocks”, Mariotti said. “It’s been very easy to integrate with our stack, and in particular I’ve found Global Fields very useful for cross-product components.”

From a marketing perspective, the team can drive the creative vision, without a reliance on developers. “We are continuously launching new offers, new products, new campaigns — so the thing we like the most is how Contentstack allows us to move faster,” Bellucco said. “Elasticity is one of our main principles, so a modular solution works really well for us.”

One critical element of a new CMS was the ability to work across both web and mobile, as Sky Italy has a mobile-first strategy, and puts pages under continuous improvement reviews. A huge benefit has been the inherent logic of making a change once, and it being reflected everywhere across websites and products. “I’m always keen to improve the customer experience,” Bellucco said. “That means I pay a lot of attention to A/B tests, and I’m continually making changes. At least once per day, we make a change.”

The results

Over the last couple of years, digital in Sky has exploded. Now, digital represents the first channel in terms of acquisition, and those results are based on how we manage the website, such as how fast it is, and how often it’s updated and so on. Last year, we made 500 creative changes to the site content, and before Contentstack — this couldn’t have happened with all the time in the world.

Lorenzo Bellucco | Head of Digital

Sky Italy has optimized its digital channels for efficiency and scale, and launched a mindset of continuous improvement, with Contentstack as a powerful enabler of innovation and change. Every year, the business can now undertake a complete website review for optimization and iteration. 

Sky Italy’s key wins with Contentstack include:

  • Reduced development time: Using the same stack to share content between products and channels, the resource investment to manage content has been greatly reduced. 
  • Optimized mobile experience: 70% of sales and 80% of website traffic now occur on mobile, powered by Contentstack’s omnichannel content management capabilities. 
  • Enhanced employee experience: Work/life balance is now guaranteed, as content changes can be scheduled ahead of time, allowing teams to work in advance. 


Sky Italia is a media and entertainment company launched in 2003 and is part of Sky Group, Europe’s leading entertainment company with 23 million customers, controlled by Comcast NBCUniversal. Sky delivers its pay offer via satellite, Internet and on DTT. With the channels TV8, Cielo and Sky Tg24 Sky is furthermore present on Free to Air digital terrestrial.


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