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Schroders shares, syndicates and efficiently localizes content using Contentstack

Schroders wanted to be able to strategically share content to a wider audience, and deliver at pace.

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With a legacy CMS, it was challenging for Schroders to effectively and strategically update, share, and localize content. By onboarding Contentstack’s headless CMS, Schroders can now deliver content and features at speed, with smart workflow capabilities, greater efficiency and automation. The company is now able to “create once, publish everywhere” while ensuring all the right protections are in place for visibility and control.

The challenge

Schroders had been using a monolithic suite CMS, and were looking for a more efficient way to quickly deliver valuable content to their strategic partners and clients.  According to Liz Cummins, Head of Digital Marketing Experience, Global Strategic Initiatives, “We have a huge amount of very high-quality content, but our focus is always to help it reach the right people at the right time and in the right format. With our previous solution, the front-end and the back-end were so tightly coupled, if you wanted to change elements of the experience within our website, you were immediately touching code that impacted other things. That meant development could take a prohibitively long time.”  

As an international investment manager, Schroders relies on many complex processes, and has multiple markets and audiences to serve. Content is continually distributed to users across 32 countries. With their previous solution, website content was largely managed in isolation.  However, Schroders saw a strategic opportunity to share their breadth of insights content more systematically and to a wider set of channels and audiences. Increasing the speed, controls and flexibility to localize and adapt this content to its global markets would help them to multiply the value of their content and increase its reach.

The solution

After researching several headless CMS solutions, Contentstack was chosen in large part because of its workflow capabilities, as well as the ability for Schroders to syndicate their content out to local sites in an automated and efficient way.  

Schroders can now create a master version of content and syndicate to create local copies, which can be quickly edited and adapted by local site owners without the need to raise a centralized content request.  All the while, the parent/child relationship between the different content pieces is retained for visibility and reporting. Each stage of publishing has a workflow stage from central to local ensuring robust controls and oversight. 

We’ve really been able to amplify the reach of our content by localizing and syndicating, whether that’s across languages, different audiences, for compliance purposes, or even to cater to various levels of knowledge and expertise. Not only is it quick to syndicate and localize content, it’s all automatically tied back to the parent content so we can now track data on how it’s performing. Before Contentstack, our systems had no idea that that relationship even existed.

Elizabeth Daniels | Product Owner

The results

  • Single source of truth: Schroders has consolidated and streamlined its content and reach. They can now design content in an entirely channel-agnostic way -- not tied to any specific website. 

  • Reliable delivery: Schroders can now develop new experiences or features at pace and benefit from an agile platform built on microservices. 

  • Ease of use: The user interface of Contentstack is intuitive with powerful options for content creation. Schroders particularly benefits from the Bynder integration and robust APIs.

In addition to data and client insights, Contentstack supports us in engaging, supporting and informing our many audiences. It’s been helpful to have regular check-ins with Contentstack reps, sharing our pain points and our wish list. We’ve been able to maximize the benefit of a headless CMS platform to amplify content across various communication channels.

Liz Cummins | Head of Digital Marketing Experience


With more than 6,000 employees over 38 locations, Schroders has broad investment and asset management expertise across private and public markets and as of December 2023 manages $956.9 billion in wealth and investments. Schroders’ goal is to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals – and make a positive impact in the world.


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