REWE Group seamlessly migrates to agile headless CMS

The REWE Group is a diversified retail and tourism co-operative based in Cologne, Germany. The Group consists of a network of independent retailers witha total revenue of more than €80bn. Following an extended period of expansion, including integrating a disruptive digital startup with their established team and a technology portfolio that supported physical retail locations. Their legacy CMS proved to be costly and time-consuming to manage. They needed a CMS that was flexible, feature-rich and enabled creatives and developers to work in tandem to increase productivity.

Since partnering with Contentstack, REWE Group accomplished the following:

  • Creative teams create better content that is published faster
  • Developers can now focus on improving the performance of the technology
  • Successful phased migration away from monolithic tech

Our legacy system had over a decade of customization and extensions. It had become more of a ‘platform for everything’ rather than focused on content. We realized that the investment, effort and resource that we spent maintaining this old technology could garner a better returnelsewhere, with a new headless CMS.

Eduardo Zamin, Engineering Manager, REWE

Download the case study to learn how Contentstack helped REWE successfully perform a phased integration of Contentstack. This was made possible by composable architecture that delivered a great deal of flexibility, enabling the REWE digital teams to focus on their core areas as the technology evolved.


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