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Digital coupon publisher creates omnichannel content at light speed

A popular digital coupon publisher in the retail industry needed a user-friendly CMS that enabled efficient and consistent access and modification of content.

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The brand needed a solution that made it possible to modify content without code changes and integrate with other key systems to deliver a seamless visitor experience.

The challenge

Before Contentstack, any change to the company's digital experience required engineering services. On top of this bottleneck, different types of content were managed differently across various tooling, services, and stacks. The brand needed a more efficient way to deliver the content experience their users expected.

We found that Contentstack was easy to work with, it provided good support, and it was evolving to meet our needs over time.

Principal Engineer | Digital Coupon Publisher

The solution

The digital coupon publisher prioritized integration in their search for a CMS. The team wanted a solution that made creating and delivering content easy by connecting different backend services, systems, and tooling to work together as one holistic system. From the start, they knew a headless CMS was the best way to achieve this flexibility.

The company began working with Contentstack on a proof of concept (POC) to deliver a specific set of services and to get a feel for the CMS. "We found that Contentstack was easy to work with, it provided good support, and it was evolving to meet our needs over time," said the organization's principal engineer.

Reusable components deliver consistent experiences

The company expanded the use of Contentstack to power more content types and delivered a consistent experience across all user-facing front ends after completing the POC. The reusable components enabled content creation without deployments or code changes, fulfilling the brand's core needs effortlessly.

"How we deliver content to our customers is now in the hands of the Product Operations team, where it should be," said the company’s Principal Engineer.

Integrations streamline content creation

The brand also streamlined the content creation process by using Contentstack's integration capabilities to bring a variety of tooling and services together into a single intuitive interface. This allows all types of content to be managed consistently, letting people work efficiently without bouncing between tools and making the onboarding process much more manageable.

To bring the systems together efficiently, the company's engineering team leveraged Contentstack's available webhooks and the ability to create custom plugins to write integrations that could be used consistently across multiple tooling.

"Contentstack has allowed us to consolidate a lot of things into a single place that is much more user-friendly than previous tools were," said the principal engineer. "It's a lot faster to get new experiences and fixes out to our users, and it provides us with a much smaller set of integrations in our stack that our engineers have to maintain."

Contentstack has definitely helped us to get experiences out faster. It's now easier to get changes made, previewed, and delivered.

Principal Engineer | Digital Coupon Publisher

The results

  • Faster delivery of experiences and changes
  • Consistent management method for all content types
  • Reduced need for maintenance with reusable integrations


This digital coupon publisher is an online savings and promotional site that influences consumers' purchase decisions through coupons, coupon codes, markdowns, cash-back offers and other deals. The organization connects retail sites with the shopping audience while helping advertisers elevate promotions, savings and other offers. 


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