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Photobox Streamlines Content Management with an API-First CMS

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Before Contentstack, PhotoBox managed day-to-day content with an in-house, legacy CMS paired with an off-the-shelf solution. The result was an inefficient CMS that was difficult to use and didn’t meet the needs of the PhotoBox content team. There was no convenient way for PhotoBox to bring content to new channels due to monolithic applications that made structural changes an arduous process.

PhotoBox experimented with various approaches to CMS before deciding on Contentstack. The headless CMS solution supports PhotoBox’s business and technical goals in the following ways:

  • The PhotoBox team compares the user experience and intuitive interface to Apple products, which enables business users to use the tool with no technical support.
  • Because the CMS is headless, developers have the freedom to code in any language, helping to deploy code faster and enabling the team to work on more new features.
  • Contentstack will scale and change with PhotoBox as its needs grow, and its engineering team becomes increasingly agile and forward-thinking.

Download a copy of this case study to learn more about the challenges PhotoBox faced as an ever-changing ecommerce organization and how a headless CMS solutio

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